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What’s Really In That Greens Powder?

What’s Really In That Greens Powder?

Did you know that nine in ten Americans1 don't get enough fruit and vegetables in their diet? Nine in ten!


Add that to our heightened awareness of dietary issues and our time-crunched lives, and it’s understandable that many people now see powdered greens as a welcome shortcut to healthy nutrition. Grab your container of greens powder, add a few spoonfuls to a glass of H20, drink it down. What could go wrong?


Not all green is great

It may come as a shock that not all greens powders are actually good for you. Here’s why: the vast majority of powdered greens you find online are made from unregulated and untracked ingredients sourced from all around the world.

In our price-pressed, super-competitive global economy, most manufacturers choose the cheapest possible pre-powdered ingredients. Typically, from countries where food standards fall far short. These standards can allow for pesticides2 that cause long-term health problems in humans—such as Alzheimer's disease and cancer. 

An independent study by revealed that four of 13 products exceeded limits for lead.3 One was contaminated with cadmium and another had large quantities of arsenic.


Purity versus fillers and stabilizers

The issues around impure greens only compound with the use of fillers and stabilizers. While they keep costs low for manufacturers, these additives vastly reduce the efficacy of the greens powder. They also, unfortunately, make consumers feel that they are getting more for their money.

The end result is a ‘greens’ powder that can contain over 30 ingredients – almost all unknown. Thin on nutrients, heavy on ‘other.’ Grown in an uncontrolled environment. Somewhere.

To make matters worse, this information doesn’t have to be disclosed on the label.4 No amount of label scanning can guide you to where these ingredients were sourced.


Daily Elements microgreens: The greens, the whole greens, and nothing but the greens

We’re invested in nutritional excellence at Daily Elements. All of our ingredients are grown, harvested, and freeze-dried in a fully-controlled vertical indoor farm in Chicago, with full regulatory oversight—making them even safer than organic.

Daily Elements microgreens contain a blend of four of the most nutrient-dense microgreens: kale, broccoli, peas, and red cabbage. That’s it. These microgreens contain up to 40 times the nutrients of their adult counterparts.

They’re the cleanest freeze-dried microgreens on the planet, for people who believe that good nutrition will have long-term benefits for their overall health. Non-GMO, start to finish. No pesticides or herbicides. Period.


Enjoy Daily Elements on everything

Many greens powders are designed for use with drinks only. Because of our gentle freeze-drying process, Daily Elements has a subtle flavor profile that mixes well with virtually any food or drink. And because of its high nutrient-density, all you need is a sprinkle of green goodness to get the full day’s equivalent of the necessary nutrients.


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