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Many supplements brands find their ingredients globally, leaving them no real control over what goes inside (including additives, pesticides, and herbicides). But we don’t source our ingredients, we grow them inside a fully controlled, indoor farm outside Chicago.

The best part? All the nutrients you need are in 3/4 tsp, so you can expect a subtle taste that’s easy to incorporate into your routine.

Research shows that 9 out of 10 adults aren’t getting the daily recommended amount of greens. Luckily, Daily Elements is made entirely of microgreens — the most nutrient-dense plants on the planet. So nutrient-dense, that just 3/4 tsp is equivalent to 6.7 cups of leafy greens.

Although many different factors can influence how your body adjusts, in most cases it can take roughly 3 months for Daily Elements to take full effect. Some of the most meaningful improvements become evident over time — like immune support, improved digestion, healthy aging, skin health, and more.


Daily Elements is made of 100% microgreens — nature’s most nutrient-rich plants. After harvesting, we freeze-dry our greens to eliminate all non-nutritive water weight. This means that pound for pound, Daily Elements powder is one of the most nutrient-dense foods you can find.

Daily Elements is made of 4 pure microgreen varieties: micro pea, micro kale, micro red cabbage, and micro broccoli.

Almost as important, though, is what’s NOT included. Our greens are grown in a fully controlled farm, without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or additives — making them even cleaner and more sustainable than organic.

We carefully selected our blend to pack the biggest nutritional punch using the peer-reviewed research listed below. Now that we’ve perfected the blend, we’re working on our nutritional label.

(1) University of Maryland, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

(2) National Library of Medicine

(3) U.S. Department of Agriculture

(4) Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry


Our microgreens are grown in a controlled environment where they’re shielded from external factors such as outside air, gas emissions, and other potential sources of contamination, including heavy metals.

Our microgreens are grown hydroponically in our indoor vertical farm. Because this method doesn't involve soil, we can't obtain organic certification. However, we prioritize sourcing non-GMO seeds and using organic fertilizers and nutrients to ensure high-quality and sustainable production.

Our greens are grown, freeze-dried, and packaged in an indoor, fully controlled farm outside Chicago.

Taste & Usage

Because Daily Elements is made entirely of freeze-dried microgreens—without sweeteners or flavor enhancers-you can expect a subtle earthy taste that blends well into everyday recipes without overpowering other ingredients.

The best part about Daily Elements is there’s no wrong way to use it! Go ahead, get creative. The crowd favorite is in a smoothie—but our customers also enjoy mixing their greens into sauces, soups, or as a seasoning (like leveling up their avocado toast). You might even like the taste of our greens so much you mix it straight into a glass of water!

The answer is in our name! Like all healthy habits, to get the most from your microgreens you should maintain a consistent, daily routine.

Daily Elements is completely safe for kids. Because it’s simply raw, freeze-dried microgreens, it's the same as eating fresh leafy greens.

In fact, sneaking greens into kids' meals is actually a crowd-favorite. Parents love adding it to pasta sauce, mac n' cheese, and eggs.

That’s one spoiled pup!


Microgreens are 14-day old baby vegetables that are slightly older than sprouts. During this phase, key nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants are most concentrated. Our freeze-drying process removes the water and retains this nutrient-dense state.

No! Researchers agree that the amount of nutrients lost from freeze-drying is miniscule.

During our freeze-drying process, no additives or preservatives are used. This ensures a shelf-stable product that’s just as nutritious, and tastes just like fresh microgreens.


Store in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight to retain its freshness.

Our product will last one year once opened. But trust us, you’ll get through it much faster.