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3 Recipes That Change the Daily Elements Game

3 Recipes That Change the Daily Elements Game

Oftentimes, we hear that because our serving size is so small (and our flavor is so subtle), most people opt to mix their greens with a simple glass of water or a smoothie. But Daily Elements microgreens powder is about so much more than that.

And while we’ll admit a smoothie is the most straightforward solution, we like to get a little bit more creative with our greens. So when we went out hunting for the most inventive ways to use Daily Elements, we weren’t disappointed. 

Here are some of our favorites.

Toast with Daily Elements Butter

What you’ll need:

Lightly soften a stick of butter and mix in Daily Elements. Spread butter on toasted bread of choice. Bonus: you can drizzle some honey to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Daily Elements Latte

What you’ll need:

Use a matcha whisk to mix matcha powder and Daily Elements. If you don't have a whisk, a milk frother with a splash of water will work just fine. Pour Daily Elements matcha mixture into a cup of warm or iced milk of choice and enjoy!

Daily Elements Oat Milk

What you’ll need:

Blend all ingredients together, strain with a cheese cloth or mesh strainer, and enjoy in lattes, with cereal, or overnight oats.

We can practically guarantee that if you give these recipes a spin, you won’t be disappointed. Or, choose your own adventure and help us find our new favorite ones. That’s the beauty of Daily Elements — it easily mixes in with (and even enhances) recipes that you’ve already got.

If you tried one of these recipes and loved it, tag us over at @getdailyelements on Instagram. Or try your hand at a recipe of your own and let us know how it goes.